Workshop Proposal

1.Topic/Concept: Writing in math, with focus on using writing to help move through math fears and working through difficult math concepts.

2.Audience: Teachers who teach multiple subject areas/math and/or work to help students improve academically in all subject areas.

3.Rationale: I believe writing about math, both as an emotional process and a logical one, can work to help clear up some math phobias as well as strengthen some math skills. At least this is what I’m hoping to find out.

4.Objective for Participants: Participants will leave the workshop with activities to try with students immediately and workable concepts to explore in their own teaching.

5.Activities: I’m unclear on specifics at this point, but the workshop will likely go as follows: Introduction to idea/concept; activity; discussion/reflection; activity; discussion/reflection; closing.

6.Anticipated questions, obstacles: The biggest question I’m anticipating being asked (and am currently asking myself): Does this really work/is this really a thing? I believe it is, but using writing in math is such a foreign concept I don’t know how open to it folks will be.


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